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    I have found the way to realign with our true Selves and walk our paths is through clearing our bodies and minds to remember our truth. By releasing our past conditioning, and examining our relationships, we can move into our hearts, and find our voice. We can connect to deeper levels within our selves allowing us to truly be. This is an everyday practice that we must dedicate our lives to.


    This website has links to free online yoga classes, teacher training courses, online CEU's and more. Please feel free to email me anytime with requests or inquires. Namaste.

  • sarahbreyyoga 200hr Vinyasa

    Teacher Training at Power Yoga



    April: 10,11,17,18, May: 1,2,8,9, June: 5,6,12,13


    Intro to Yoga: April 10, 11

    Creating Sacred Space: April 10, 11

    Centering: April 10, 11

    Asanas I: April 10, 11

    Pranayama: April 17, 18

    Chakras: April 17, 18

    Asanas II: April 17, 18

    Ayurveda: May 1, 2

    Anatomy: May 1, 2

    Assists and Demos: May 1, 2

    Yoga Sutras: May 8, 9

    Meditation, May 8,9

    Transitions: June 5, 6

    Class Design: June 5, 6

    Dharma Talks/ Themes: June 5, 6

    The Business of Yoga: June 12, 13

    Practicum: June 12, 13


    Questions: sarahbreyyoga@gmail.com

    or visit www.poweryogalv.com.


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  • Certifications:

    • Yoga Therapist (2020)
    • Registered Kundalini Yoga Teaching Certification (2017)
    • Reiki Level 1 and 2 Certifications (2017)
    • 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher’s (E-RYT500) Certification (5000+ teaching hours)
    • New Jersey State Certification: Teacher of Art (2004)
    • New Jersey State Certification: Teacher of English (2004)



    • Yoga Teacher Trainer: Power Yoga, Las Vegas, NV (Present)
    • College Literature Professor: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV (Present)
    • Yoga Teacher: Power Yoga and Pilates, Las Vegas, NV (Present)
    • Yoga Teacher: Vegas Yoga, Las Vegas, NV (2018-2020)
    • Yoga Teacher: Powerflow Yoga, Ridgewood and Glenrock, NJ (2013- Present)
    • Yoga Teacher: RYK Yoga and Meditation, Las Vegas, NV (2017-2019)
    • Yoga Teacher: 103Hot Yoga and Pilates, Las Vegas, NV (2016-2019)
    • Yoga Teacher:  The Odyssey, Waldwick, NJ (2011-2015)
    • Yoga Teacher: Private Clients, Oradell, NJ (2012- 2015)
    • College Literature Professor: Seton Hall University and DeVry University (2009-2015)   
    • Yoga Teacher: Ananta Yoga, Wayne, NJ (2013- 14)
    • Yoga Teacher:  Sun Tao Studio, Wayne, NJ (2011-2012)
    • Creator and Leader of Yoga Club, Lodi High School, Lodi NJ (2010-11)
  • 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training online!

    This is a complete 200hr vinyasa teacher training course ONLINE.

    Please feel free to email me @ sarahbreyyoga@gmail.com at anytime with questions or for more information.


    To preview the course or enroll:


    Investment: $3200


    Contact www.poweryogalv.com for payment plans or more information.

    Curriculum Includes:

    1. Setting the Foundation;

    cultivating Sadhanna

    2. Standing Poses

    4. Pranayama

    5. Inversions

    6. Seated Poses

    7. Meditation: Mudhras, Bhandas, Chanting

    8. Anatomy

    9. Ayurvedic Philosophy

    10.The Chakras

    11. The Yoga Sutras

    12. The Role of the Teacher

    13. Class Design and Sequences

    14. Dharma Talks and Themes

    15.. Assists and Practicum Teaching


    This training will teach you how to TEACH PEOPLE, not JUST POSES! You will learn how to adapt each pose to the individual, while deepening YOUR PRACTICE!

  • My Class Schedule:











    Sundays: 9am POWER YOGA - FLIGHT SCHOOL (Arm Balancing Class)


    (Classes are currently limited to 14 ppl due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please sign up in advance at www.poweryogalv.com)


    FREE CLASSES ARE AVAILABLE on my sarahbreyyoga Facebook Page ANYTIME!


  • The Chakras:

    Course Includes:

    • Lessons on the 8 major chakras
    • Dharma talks that correspond to each chakra
    • Appropriate asanas for each chakra


    CEU's available for Yoga Teachers!

  • The Divine Connection:

    Course Includes:

    • Lessons on the major Hindu Deities
    • Dharma talks that correspond to each deity
    • Asanas that work well with each deity and theme


    CEU's available for Yoga Teachers!


    Write Your Truth:

    Course includes:

    • Guided journals and meditations to help

    remind you that love is who you really are!


    CEU's available for Yoga Teachers!

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  • Yoga Therapy

    Counseling and therapeutic yoga techniques to help heal YOUR body, mind and spirit.


    Private Mentoring

    One on one mentoring for yoga teachers and students. (CEUs available.)


    Reiki Session

    Hands on Healing


    Vinyasa Yoga

    Private Lessons


    Kundalini Yoga

    Private Lessons


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